Intapp Expertise

Expert Intapp-certified technical resources , guidance, and active project execution — on demand

Enhancing the Returns on Your Intapp Investments

Whether you’ve adopted a single point solution, or their complete professional services platform — your firm has made a significant investment in Intapp. It’s critical you get the expected returns from that investment.

But raw software functionality is just one ingredient necessary for achieving meaningful ROI with Intapp. If your firm isn’t taking advantage of the full scope of product capabilities, if it hasn’t fully integrated internal systems and data, or if the true power and potential you’re after is still an upgrade away, your true Intapp return may still be on the horizon.

Read on to learn more about this unique offering, and how to get in touch with an expert to explore how we can apply our expertise to your firm’s specific challenges, goals and objectives.

Common Barriers to Achieving Intapp ROI

Working with our roster of over 250 clients, we frequently see law firms navigating any number of common challenges. You may have:

  • constrained internal resources (technical, business analysis, process and project experts)
  • a backlog of desired Intapp projects (a clear vision of where you want to go)
  • a need for assistance in charting your short or long term Intapp strategy
  • a desire to be more self-sufficient in the long term, scaling your internal capabilities to execute
  • a recognition that it can be easier to secure approval and funding for external service/support help versus hiring and growing internal technical and project teams

Introducing Aurora North Assist —

Take Your Intapp Investments to the Next Level

For firms looking to accelerate their Intapp success, Aurora Assist is a unique subscription service that provides flexible, on-demand, expert Intapp-certified technical resources, guidance, and active project execution.

Some Have Called It: “Intapp Service as a Service”

We’re not sure that name is going to stick. But the service it describes is resonating across the Intapp community. That’s because Aurora Assist addresses an important need in the Intapp ecosystem — filling a critical niche between standard Intapp helpdesk support and more formal project engagements that typically focus on tackling more
substantial initiatives like product implementations or cloud migrations.

With Aurora Assist, firms get predictable, consistent access to skilled consulting resources — Intapp-certified experts ready to help in multiple ways, including: answering questions, designing solutions, providing advice, training, and co-development help — and even executing common tasks and projects. It’s like having another skilled in-house resource on your Intapp team that you can turn to whenever you need assistance — because you can.

The net result is that firms can move farther, faster — making consistent progress on their Intapp journey, without the overhead and uncertainty associated with navigating one-off consulting engagements on a per-project basis.

Enriching the Intapp Ecosystem

Aurora Assist fits into a rich spectrum of support available from Aurora North, ranging from enhanced helpdesk support to major, scoped project engagements:



Enhanced helpdesk + interface with Intapp on remediation/escalation.


Consistent, on-demand technical resources for ad hoc and planned tasks.

Project Engagement

Structured engagement on a specific project, formally scoped and executed.

A Small Sampling of How Firms Can Use Aurora Assist

  • System upgrades
    (non-cloud applications)
  • On-demand training and education
    (including educational sessions)
  • Collaborative development (CID/CWID)
  • Conflicts search training
  • Building Integration rules and connectors
  • Designing and implementing workflows 
  • Developing analytical reports 
  • Creating ethical walls
  • Adding block billing to Time
  • Modifying Intake/Flow forms
  • Integrating Walls/Conflicts/Intake

Contact Us to Learn More

We’d love to connect with you to explore your specific Intapp challenges, objectives and aspirations — even informally.

We can share more about how firms are using Aurora Assist and discuss details of any specific projects you already have in mind.